In 2004, I opened my first Psychological Consultancy Studio, a journey that led me in 2020 to launch mindcenter, of which I am now the Scientific Director and where several psychologists and psychotherapists collaborate. In my training journey, I first delved into Systemic Relational Psychotherapy with Valeria Ugazio, then the Brief Strategic Approach with Giorgio Nardone, and Evolutionary Psychotherapy with Giulio Cesare Giacobbe. However, my curiosity towards other therapeutic models remains very high.


In 2012, spurred on by my friend and mentor Marco Montemagno, I began making my first videos on YouTube. To date, my channel features over 1200 free in-depth videos on psychology and hosts testimonials from some of the greatest living psychologists. You’ll find collaborations with distinguished guests like Sergio Castellitto, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Philippe Daverio, and many others, who have helped me make psychology accessible to the general public. Every year—on YouTube alone—5 million people watch my videos, accumulating a following of over 800,000 followers across various social media platforms.


From 2014 to 2020, I served as the Vice President of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy. During my term—along with my colleagues on the Council—we established the House of Psychology. This storefront space is located at Piazza Castello 2 in Milan and serves as an important meeting point for psychology professionals and the general public alike.

Here you can watch a short video of the inauguration day of this center of excellence in the Italian psychology landscape.


On October 21, 2016, I participated as a speaker at the TEDx event in Bologna, and my video “The Secret to Changing Others” is, to date, one of the top 3 most-watched TED Talks on YouTube among those in Italian, exceeding 800,000 views. Following this event, in recent years I’ve had the pleasure of delivering talks and educational interventions for some of the most important national and international organizations.

My talks have reached audiences ranging from 20 to 5,000 people, covering both psychological themes as well as topics in Marketing and Communication. TEDx, SMAU, Social Media Week, IKEA’s Sofà Talks, and various industry conferences are some of the events where I have been a featured speaker.


Since 2016, I have been the director of the historic magazine Psicologia Contemporanea, which has been sold at newsstands since 1974, as well as an editorial consultant for the psychology series of the Giunti Editore group.

My main effort, besides “recruiting” and coordinating the prominent figures who currently write for the magazine (Giorgio Nardone, Umberto Galimberti, Matteo Lancini, Valeria Ugazio, Pietro Trabucchi, etc.), is to blend the print editorial experience with the online one, creating tailor-made content that can “reinforce” each other.

To better understand my commitment in this area, I refer you to watch this video, in which you will see a typical day of mine with the Giunti Editore group.


In 2017, the demand from companies and multinationals to have me as a partner in their training and communication projects increased exponentially. I decided to open my own corporate consulting firm, and with it explore the world of information products, psychological training events aimed at the general public, and other innovative projects in the field of psychology.

As of today, 30 people work full-time on the educational project that I began building years ago—alone, in front of my living room computer—one video at a time.


After several years of indecision and procrastination, I accepted the challenge of popularization through appearances on mainstream television programs. From “Detto fatto,” the show hosted by Caterina Balivo on Rai2 where I have my own segment, to “Le Iene” on Italia 1. Among various contributions and articles that the print media has reported about me and my work, La Repubblica on April 11th dedicated a page to researchers, teachers, and popularizers who step down from their pedestal and go on YouTube to debunk internet hoaxes, among other things. The article can be viewed here. Around the same time, the Italian Coaching Association named me the “Best Psychological Coach in Italy,” and identified me as one of the 10 individuals who will most influence the world of coaching and training in Italy in the coming years.

influenzeranno il mondo del coaching e della formazione nei prossimi anni in Italia.


In January 2019, I published my first book on personal growth, which became an Amazon bestseller even before hitting the bookstores.

The book outlines a method for creating useful habits to automate those actions capable of bringing us closer to the best version of ourselves. Over 20,000 copies sold in 12 months make “Fattore 1% – Piccole abitudini per grandi risultati” (“1% Factor – Small Habits for Big Results“) an editorial phenomenon that has piqued the interest of the print media world.

In November, the Audible Original podcast “GURU: Humorous Guide to Human Relations” is released, in which, along with Zelig comedian Leonardo Manera and Velia Lalli, I discuss some principles of effective communication. Thanks to a good mix of entertainment and professional content, GURU represents an experiment that is unique in the landscape of popular psychology to date.


In October, I began a collaboration with the well-known TV show “X Factor Italy.” As the program’s Mental Coach, I go on the air once a week to help contestants face the challenges that the TV experience places on their path.

My goal, specifically, is to provide practical and concrete tools to develop their talents, avoiding the main pitfalls inherent in personal and professional growth paths.

The following month I fund “ S.r.l.,” a remote psychological consultation platform aimed at large companies interested in offering a psychological desk to their employees.


In June, in the midst of the pandemic, my second book “The Age of the HeartHow to Find the Courage to Be Happy” is released and immediately tops the best-selling book charts.
In July, “MindCenter by Luca Mazzucchelli” is born, with 8 physical locations throughout Italy to provide psychotherapeutic, psychological and coaching support to people interested in their personal growth.

In October, he inaugurates a series of psychological illustrated children’s books “Serenamente,” aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 8. Each of the 8 albums addresses a useful idea for young readers’ psychology to grow up more serene.


February saw the birth of Skill Factor Academy & Talent Lab, a high-level Soft Skills training school dedicated to companies that want to invest in their human capital to unleash its potential and to individuals who want to embark on paths of change together with me and the trainers on my team.


In May I become a lecturer at the prestigious Sant’Anna University of Pisa in the course “E-motivational Coaching,” in which I bring together the best techniques and theories developed over years of experience in helping people change.


Fattore 1%, after reaching the milestone of 100,000 copies sold in Italy, begins to be appreciated abroad where rights are acquired to translate it into Portugal, France, Spain, Russia, Hungary, and Romania.
In addition, a number of innovative publishing projects see the light of day, such as “Psicologia a Strappo” (the first book to be torn) and the strategic planner “Plan A.”


In January, LMC srl. is transformed into BeMore Group, a company that not only carries forward and contains the projects created to date, but also invests in realities and startups that have as their goal the growth of the individual. For example, Green Vibes (the first ecommerce dedicated to sustainable pleasure) and Mind The Gum – Dante Medical solution (a company of supplements and wellness products).

In July, the illustrated books of the serenely series enter the family of the famous storyteller FABA, through the figurine of the protagonist the dog Simba.

In October, I publish the book 86,400, the result of years of studying values and value intelligence, and organize BeMore Days: a 2-day event on personal growth, at the Dal Verme Theater in Milan.