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I really appreciate the videos I've seen so far especially for the language chosen, the brevity and the clarity. I also like them because they convey positivity and simplicity, which are certainly not synonymous with banality. Thank you!
Silvia Filippi
Dear Luca, thank you very much for your emails, which are very useful in supporting me in my personal growth. Your every video is stimulating, engaging and your suggestions are never trivial. Thanks again Andrea.
Andrea Andriolo
As a psychologist too, I cannot but praise the work of this colleague of mine. The videos are an excellent starting point for reflections on many crucial aspects of a person's life. Opportunities to think about a change proposed with a fresh, fast, not heavy and effective method. Well done.
Marco Petri
Professional and direct, with his explanations he manages to transform complex situations or thoughts into simple things, understandable but above all effective. Really mind blowing 🙂
Caterina Patteri
Dear Luca, you are of great help to people like me, always looking for new answers, as life offers us obstacles and sometimes indecipherable sufferings, in fact no one teaches us how it will be and how to deal with it. Heartfelt thanks for your suggestions and teachings.
Katia di Discordia
"I followed Luca in his activity, in particular, I was attracted to his interview corner, in which he talks with colleagues-interlocutors, proposing themes related to our common professional skills and, correlatively, themes of common life, illustrating particular professional situations, with hidden facets, resolving apparent banalities. A modern storytelling that emphasizes aspects and particularities of the interviewee, the interviewer and their dynamic context of dialogue. I thank Luca and I hope for a continuation of this very interesting and fruitful expressive activity ".
Vittorio Catalano
Specific, short and intense tips. You don't waste too much time reading or viewing them, they are inputs that make you think and you need to change something in your life. Grazie
Yasmine Caluzzi
There is no yardstick to evaluate my colleague's work. What I can say is this: what Dr. Mazzucchelli does is a skilful collage of psychology applied to the opportunities offered by new technologies and more. They are not simple tutorials, precise ... but an intelligent and in some ways also "fun" way of transmitting practical and theoretical knowledge. Without forgetting the implicit synergy that derives from it. I can only be satisfied.
Marco Lazzeri
For me, following the emails, interviews, advice of Luca Mazzucchelli was really important, it allowed me to explore the psychologist's profession, compare myself with professionals who told their work experience in Italy and abroad via the web. Furthermore, very important, in my opinion, are the various interviews with the heads of the specialization schools of psychotherapy, a world full of information that puts the psychologist in great difficulty if he has to choose the path that suits him best. The freshness, the enthusiasm and the continuous updating with various webinars, made me believe in his professionalism, gave me many ideas, which I am already implementing, in the exercise of therapy. The thing that for me is amazing, his 360 ° search for possibilities, solutions, alternatives to carry out the profession of psychologist in an increasingly innovative way, until now, as far as I know, no one had ever done it and this I believe you help many professionals in the awareness that he has become a fixed point to deal with. In order not to lose many of his articles, ebooks, I have printed everything, classified by order, so when a doubt arises, a question, I have them available to reread them, I would never do without them.
Laura Sossi
Sociologist and Psychology student. "
It seems to me an excellent approach, joyful, nice and at the same time profound. It stimulates to try to change and grow. I am very grateful for the material made available for free
Diego Benitez
Thanks Luca, it is clear that what you do you do because you want all people to be well, thanks to what psychology offers! You know how to make every concept clear and understandable to anyone!
Ales Er
I recommend to anyone, young or old, experts or laymen, to watch Luca Mazzucchelli's videos. A simple but not trivial language, stimulating but not critical, capable of covering multiple issues, offering new perspectives and making people reflect. We are all perfectible and you never stop learning, and having the opinions, as well as practical suggestions, of a trained young professional at your disposal is an opportunity not to be missed: thank you!
Chiara Pezza
I am a student of Clinical and Health Psychology and I remember with pleasure the day I met Doctor Luca Mazzucchelli. I was attending the last year of the Bachelor's Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques and during a Work Psychology lesson my teacher informed us that it would be a slightly different lesson than usual, as she would share a video that better explain the concept of Empowerment. In particular, the video "Positive psychology and self empowerment, exercises for wellbeing" was shown. I was positively impressed by that video and from that day on I started following Dr. Mazzucchelli, because thanks to many of his videos I am able to learn useful information both for my training path and for my cultural background.
Claudia Canale
Psychology student
I find the videos of dr. Luca Mazzucchelli, so much so that I am recommending viewing it to friends and acquaintances. His videos have opened a great window for me, encouraging me to make big changes in my life ... And every day I feel more and more serene and proud of my steps ... A BIG Thanks to you Luca, who with great skill you have managed in my opinion to make the world of psychology and change / improvement pleasant and understandable to everyone .. .
Libera Dentro
Bye, congratulations! The videos are interesting, useful and clear. They are an excellent tool both to promote the role of the psychologist and its effectiveness, and at an innovative level. Now you are a guarantee and those who try you never leave you! 🙂 I will continue to follow you and implement effective strategies for my change!
He has an immense cultural background (thanks in particular for the "book therapy section", books are my great love and I don't miss your review) that he poses with a disarming simplicity and humility, which you would not expect in a professional of his caliber ; the videos are very useful and nice: in a matter of minutes, topics and food for thought are presented in a clear, simple but complete way, accessible to all. When talent meets sobriety and modesty, then success is truly deserved.
Monica Prandini
Luca's Videos are exceptional, they offer many ideas for reflection to change and improve one's life, undertaking a serious and efficient path of personal growth
Manuel Rinaldo Salsano
I thank Luca for his "pills". The frequency and duration of his videos are optimal, with the consequent advantage of being able to be consulted at any time of the day, even at work.
Omar Zamprogno
I've been following Luca for some time. I like his approach, young, fresh but still professional and above all effective. I highly recommend it not only to those who "feel" they have some problems, but to anyone who wants to know themselves better and interact better with others.
Giulia Dazzan
With your advice you always offer me the opportunity to fill the "dead moments" of the day with interesting questions and effective strategies to face and overcome the problems of everyday life! You are a great example!
Alberto Contiero
I would like to express my thanks for all the information, suggestions and food for thought. Everything is conducted with seriousness, with levity and persuasive capacity of those who experiment first and then divulge. Thank you again
Clara Farina
Luca's videos have been illuminating and very useful for me. They are synthetic, clear and precious for the immediate practical feedback they have. And, last but not least, I liked Luca's way of dealing with me as a user: it is clear that he is competent, but without being pedantic.
Mara Rosso
Sometimes I wonder how Luca manages to make such pleasant videos and at the same time with content that makes you think, always useful and interesting. But then I think back to what I heard in his TEDTalk and I answer myself: this "boy" has an edge. To follow.
Davide Alesi
A beautiful experience of great value. Dr. Luca Mazzucchelli was a genius in thinking about this form of psychological help: because in the short and pleasant form of short videos, he supported and helped me with a real and authentic therapy in inner growth, in living better.
Lucilla Todaro
"Luca Mazzucchelli is an excellent example of personal branding. Not only has he been able to make the most of the potential of social networks to find a distinctive positioning in the market and give greater visibility to his personal brand. With his online dissemination activity he is also contributing to change the collective perception of the psychologist's profession by associating it with the idea of well-being and not simply that of treating mental illness. The multiple interviews with colleagues and other professionals published on his youtube channel are proof of his ability to transform even virtual relationships into relationships virtuous that produce value. "
Elga Ogliari
Career consultant and Trainer
Hi, Luca, your wonderful videos are very intuitive, complete and deep at the same time; they allow you to go deeper into the problem and allow you to dissect it from within, giving practical and effective solutions! Thank's for your job!
Pedro C.
You are very good! You get to the heart, head and belly. Please continue to give your knowledge, by now you have become too indispensable. Thank you for your valuable contribution in this company.
Giovanna Baroni
"If I had to describe Luca Mazzucchelli using metaphors, I would think of a role THE LEADER; an animal THE LION; an image THE SAFE HARBOR ..... expressions that resonate inside me, when I think that life and destiny, they wanted to give me this "strong point", this safe landing place on which to rest in moments of professional and human uncertainty, moments that I think are functional to my formative growth. "I live" Luca through Facebook for more than two years now. His popular work, and his commitment to promoting mental health, to give shape and meaning to a very wide range of types of human suffering, is unstoppable ... and unstoppable must continue to be. I still remember that afternoon of class at my specialization school in family systemic psychotherapy, the ISPPREF in Naples, when our teacher, Dr. Rita Tucci, extrapolated an interview that Luca did to Valeria Ugazio, because she was convinced that that modality communicative, was the best to understand, we students then in the first year, the fundamental rudiments of this technique and this psychotherapeutic approach. I was happy to tell my colleagues, about this young psychologist and psychotherapist, about his commitment and his ability to tackle, even in a funny way, topics that are often not very accessible to the layman. Luca for me has become a precious source of didactic nourishment, but also human .... Luca how to describe him ??? Emotional intelligence raised to the nth degree, energy, positivity ... and what about me? a sincere affection, deep esteem, and immense immense GRATITUDE "!!!!
Tiziana Dell'Anna
Psychologist and Psychotherapist