Luca Mazzucchelli - Keynote Speaker

Even the most stubborn change their minds

when they see things from another point of view

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I was invited as a speaker at the TEDx conference.
In my talk I talked about “The secret to change others”. In particular, I explained why we must learn to see ourselves as the cause of things that do not go the way we would like. This is one of my most popular speech topics.

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Some of the topics covered by Luca in his talks and formations

This intervention takes as a pretext the professional life of Luca Mazzucchelli, his mistakes and successes to present some fundamental lessons necessary to thrive in today’s working and social context.
As a suburban psychologist engaged in a tiring but formative job within a Roma camp, Luca will talk about how he took space within his profession, becoming today one of the most influential figures in his sector.
The seminar is highly emotional, and highlights mental and practical strategies for riding change, changing mental approaches, gaining greater leadership, and happiness.
The story of his 4 working lives (the apprentice, the communicator, the psychotherapist and the entrepreneur) will offer abundant anecdotes and practical and concrete strategies to immediately change one’s personal and professional life.
Habits are that invisible but constant force that, day after day, marks our behavior and generates the results we achieve: both at work and in private life.
Every individual, professional or company, is aware that there are virtuous behaviors capable of bringing them closer to their goals, and others that are harmful and should be discouraged as much as possible.
The science of habits studies those strategic levers that are capable of making some behaviors so simple that you can’t say no to them, and others too demanding to even be taken into consideration.
The seminar, inspired by the method illustrated in the best-selling book “Factor 1%, small habits for great results”, will analyze which are these levers capable of transforming behaviors into winning habits and how to implement them in a person’s daily life.

Moments of crisis are an inevitable part of the life of every individual and company. While suffering and disorientation is inevitable, in these moments, there are also great opportunities for growth.

The seminar will provide tools for reading and addressing crises in order to act quickly and in the right direction. In this way it will be possible to come out not only unscathed, but also enriched and strengthened. Starting from the importance of the mental approach, practical tools will be provided to ride the change, face the fears of individuals or customers, manage collaborators and strategically use the time available.

The litmus test to understand if we are dealing with a successful Leader is not looking at how many trophies he has hung behind his desk, but observing how people change after they enter his orbit of influence.

Do they get richer or poorer? Are they starting to study again or do they pull the oars in the boat? Are they happier or stressed? Do they engage in toxic relationships or surround themselves with champions?

A Leader of the heart lives and fights so that his colleagues, collaborators,family and friends become successful people. This is why he is loved and followed by everyone: it is he who makes it possible to rediscover forgotten values, who traces the route towards great goals, who keeps the troop’s mood high when difficult times arrive, who takes responsibility for the progress of the ship.

To do all this, a Leader must learn to use emotions intelligently, create happy interpersonal relationships, get in touch with his heart and make the listener’s strings vibrate.

During the seminar we will see the rules that a leader of the heart must follow to ignite values and emotions in their collaborators.

Good communication is not limited to transferring ideas in the mind of our interlocutor, but aims to excite him. When we manage to excite an audience, a partner, a work colleague or our employee, then it is much easier for him not only to understand our message, but also to put it into practice.

We must learn to speak to people’s hearts and to do so it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of rhetorical art, to leverage ethically on the value component that distinguishes us, to raise apparently trivial messages for greater purposes of great social impact, to get in touch with the our emotions.

Emotional public speaking is the first weapon available to a leader, because it allows you to turn on the people by your side and set them in motion towards new goals and ambitious projects.

Whether you need to motivate your collaborators, communicate effectively with your partner or your children, hold a constructive meeting with your team or make a video on Youtube, if you know how to speak to the heart of your interlocutor you will have a much better chance to pass your message.

The “Talking to the heart” seminar will offer you clear, simple and concrete techniques and tools to set up an effective speech both from a conceptual, formal and emotional point of view.

The word “stress” is one of those words so abused that it loses its meaning. This is why it is often talked about inappropriately, demonizing it or pointing to it as the origin of all evils.

In many cases, stress can make us smarter, happier and stronger. It can foster social interactions and strengthen empathy. So instead of looking for an escape and avoiding it, we can accept it so that it becomes the key to our well-being.

This seminar – scientific research in hand – will accompany you to use stress as a gateway to live a happier life.

Going beyond the distinction between good stress and bad stress, without touching the (albeit useful) relaxation and meditation techniques, 4 new keys to stress management will be exposed, which will help you grow where most people get discouraged.

Fear is the first chemical ingredient of enthusiasm. Everything that excites us today, in fact, once frightened us at some level. Many fight it, fear it and keep it away by labeling it as a “negative emotion”, but in doing so they lose a great opportunity: that of transforming it into courage.

Fear can be a great resource to help us understand ourselves better and supply ourselves with that vital energy necessary to live a full life.

In the seminar we will talk about the importance of this emotion, providing useful interpretations for knowing how to recognize, manage and exploit it to your advantage. An important space will be dedicated to describing some practical tools to be applied in private and professional life, capable of immediately improving our relationship with this emotion, as well as how to behave when customers are in the grip of fear.

A successful company is made up of professionals capable of transforming ideas into results. Mastering the principles of the psychology of success is a powerful weapon to accelerate the growth of your collaborators and therefore of the reality for which they work.

The seminar is divided into 3 sections:

PART 1 – Psychology of success
, In the first part we will dispel some common myths about the word success, we will understand what “being successful” really means to you, and we will take a close look at the real functioning of success in everyday life.

PART 2 – Identify the right actions
, Once you understand the direction in which you must go and the pitfalls in which not to fall, we will see a series of tools and exercises that will help you understand what your “winning” actions are. A part of this section is dedicated to how to make them easier and how to automate them in your daily life.

PART 3 – The 3 Zones of Success
, When we strive to make something happen in our life, we need to be aware that there are 3 zones of influence around us and our actions. In this section we will see the rules present in each of these three areas and some specific actions that are always valid to exponentially accelerate the speed that will lead us towards our goals.

Change is a constant in our life. Over time our values, ideals, certainties and thoughts change. And at the same time our body also changes, renewing itself moment by moment.

Given the choice, many of us would change various aspects of themselves, of society or of the people around us: we are made to change, so much so that in some moments of our life we seek novelty with all our strength.
However, on other occasions, change comes suddenly and forces us to make difficult decisions or do things we didn’t want to.
Whether we are talking about individuals, families, companies or companies, being cornered by life is never easy.
While it is true that some aspects of our life are beyond our control and we must learn to live with the unpleasant emotions connected to them, it is also important to know some important precautions that we can take to learn to thrive even in times of change.
This seminar will show how every difficulty hides opportunities, every constraint of resources and every crisis of new values to be discovered. Practical techniques and tools will also be shown to deal with the most difficult changes for individuals and companies.

Good time management is good life management. This is why professionals must increasingly master advanced notions of time management: to become happier human beings and productive and fulfilled professionals.

The seminar is developed around 3 sections:

PART 1 – The foundations of Time Management

Some principles, ideas, values and notions at the basis of correct time management will be clarified.
If these principles are not embraced, you risk optimizing your time management skills, but continue to be stressed and unhappy.

PART 2 – Facilitators
, There are a series of extremely important actions and ideas that do not directly involve time management in the strict sense, yet they prepare the ground to be able to better manage the time available.
In this part of the course we will take a closer look at what these actions are and how to exploit them to make a difference.

PART 3 – Time Actions
, In this last section we will focus on the most important time management tools.
From planning to delegation, to the use of the to-do list to that of the agenda, passing through other practical strategies that will allow you to free up time and do more with less.

New technologies are increasingly entering our lives, distorting the way we relate to ourselves and to others.

For the first time in the history of man, two anthropologically different species coexist within the same ecosystem: on the one hand the digital natives and on the other the “old” generation.

Two different languages and ways of understanding that must necessarily interact to enrich each other.

What are the risks of new technologies on the future of our evolution? How can we prevent a technological drift where we can use the new tools to be effectively more efficient without letting them control us?

The seminar will offer ideas and reflections to look more consciously at the digital-technological world and the impact it has on our minds and our children.
Some precautions will also be proposed to be taken to stem the dependence on social contexts, which are now more and more all-encompassing.

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Best Italian Coach

The Italian Coach Association appoints him among the 10 people who will most influence the world of coaching and training in Italy in the coming years.

A prestigious recognition that comes after a great experience in public speaking gained in over 800 videos made for social channels, and an average of one speech every 3 days, in front of very different audiences.

Some realities with which I have collaborated

From SMEs to large multinationals, from sector conferences to the most important international festivals, I have had the pleasure of speaking at events organized by TEDx, Social Media Week, IKEA, SMAU, Virgin Active, Kraft, Allianz Bank, EniPower, Generali Italia.

Do you want to hire Luca for your event?

Do you want to hire Luca for your event?

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Each form sent will be read and carefully considered but, despite Luca’s desire to accept all the invitations, given his numerous professional commitments, it will not be possible to say yes to everyone. We apologize in advance if your request cannot be accepted.

Furthermore, given the complexity of Luca’s agenda, we invite you to submit your proposal well in advance of the date of the meeting.

Every week Luca publishes 3 unpublished videos on his YouTube channel with practical advice to help companies and individuals to increase well-being in their lives

Who is Luca Mazzucchelli

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and director of the magazine “Contemporary Psychology”, which since 1974 has published scientific psychology in Italy.

I founded the first psychology youtube channel in Italy, on which there are over 800 free videos, and I have a following of 350 thousand followers on various social platforms.

I was Vice President of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy and I am an editorial consultant for the Giunti Editore Psychology series.
I have written several books including the best seller “Factor 1%– Small Habits for Great Results”, which sold 20,000 copies in the first 12 months of publication.

As a trainer I have made several video courses, consulted in various multinationals and SMEs, and am called as a public speaker in the most important Italian companies.

In 2017 I founded LMC S.r.l., the first psychological media company in Italy, which deals with the creation of psychological content in various forms (consultancy, business training, speeches, video courses, collaborations on innovative projects).

The Italian Coach Association has indicated me as one of the 10 figures who will most influence the world of coaching and training in the coming years in Italy.

In 2019 I become the Mental Coach of the well-known TV show X Factor. My task was to help singers face the challenges of the program through practical tools, capable of bringing out all their talent.

In everything I do, I try to give my best, with the aim of bringing psychology closer to the layman: this is my mission and what gives meaning to my personal and professional life.

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