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MindLab: Gym For The Mind


Mindlab is the monthly paid online community, which brings together psychology and personal growth enthusiasts who want to improve themselves day after day.

What can you do if you sign up for MindLab

  • Interact every two weeks Live with Luca Mazzucchelli and other psychology and wellness experts;
  • Ask questions and receive customized ad hoc answers in video pills directly from Luca Mazzucchelli;
  • Participate in exclusive Mastermind groups in which to create value together with other enthusiasts of psychology and personal growth
  • Consult the archive of live shows made to date (over 200 hours of video) + the video archive of monothematic lives (video courses);
  • Participate in exclusive events and have privileged access to the other moments organized by Luca Mazzucchelli;
  • Compare yourself with other people who are facing the same needs as you and see how they deal with them;
  • Receive concrete feedback on the areas you want to improve;

What happened in the first 6 months of MindLab

Mindlab - Il primo pranzo di gruppo
A part of the MindLab group, present at the first official community lunch
  • When Philip Zimbardo came to Italy on vacation, we attended one of his lectio magistralis reserved for an audience of 40 people in Florence, at the Giunti Editore headquarters;
  • On Umberto Galimberti’s birthday we attended an event in which, in the end, we ate the cake with him;
  • Once we all got up at 6 in the morning to do a “special” LIVE …
  • Some followed me to Rome during the meeting I had with Sergio Castellitto in which we talked about psychology, acting and television;
  • We had a couple of exclusive meetings in Milan, where we met live during a restorative lunch from all points of view 🙂

What do you already find inside MindLab?

In addition to finding the complete video archive of the previous LIVE (more than 200 hours of continuously growing video), by signing up for Mindlab you will immediately have access to 40 video courses, such as:

  • How to identify your growth area and plan your progress in 7 steps
  • The basis of energy management and the pyramid of personal growth
  • Small habits for big changes
  • How to build your philosophy of life
  • How to get more with less (Pareto’s law applied to your everyday life)
  • Self and Web Marketing to start your profession

Furthermore, by subscribing to Mindlab, you will also have access to other video courses of enormous value such as:

  • The video recordings of the “Aperitifs with the author” in which Luca talks with Umberto Galimberti, Giorgio Nardone, Andrea Giuliodori, Giulio Cesare Giacobbe, Pietro Trabucchi
  • A course on mindfulness for beginners held by Gennaro Romagnoli
  • Insights into many other issues: how to manage toxic relationships, how to increase self-esteem, how to speak in public, how to organize and plan your life, effective parenting strategies and much, much more.

What you will find every month in the mindlab archive

In addition to all the video archive containing the videos listed above and Luca’s old LIVE, every month you can listen to:

  • 4 new Live “Q&A” of 1h each in which Luca will answer your questions;
  • 2 Live exclusive by Gennaro Romagnoli on the themes of Scientific Self Help and on the other curiosities you have in the field of NLP, Meditation, and personal growth;
  • 1 Live by Davide Lo Presti on the best readings in psychology and self-development;
  • 1 Live “Mindlab Self-Help”: very special events in which each time a different member of the community makes available his skills to deepen and dissect a topic of his competence;

What do those who have already participated in MindLab say?

A few months ago I was in a critical period and felt a strong need for guidance to better organize both my work and personal life. When Luca launched the idea of MindLab, I immediately wanted to be part of it. In Luca's community, I found welcoming people to deal with in total freedom. Luca is a helpful person and his weekly live shows with examples and practical exercises are a real compass for me and my business. Now I feel full of energy, I live more serene, I meet new people and I concretely see the results of this beautiful journey.
Cristiano Guerra
Art Director & Graphic Designer
What is MindLab? Three keywords: MindLab is growth, sharing, possibility. MindLab is the place where sharing is at home, where confrontation opens the doors to yourself who want to start again from where you are. To yourself that needs understanding, acceptance, dialogue, listening to multiple voices. The voices are of those who live different stories and experiences, united by the desire to grow by opening up and telling each other. A curious and attentive openness, which generates that authentic availability that leads you to want to reward you with what you are. Thanks Luca, it is a pleasure to walk this path and grow together.
Simona RattĂ 
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Oltre a "Palestra per la mente" aggiungerei "Programma costante per la crescita personale"; the topics are always current and treated with practical examples, without frills and suitable for those with little time. Luca is a professional I respect and the members of the Mindlab group raise the bar to the top, sharing ideas and contents. Being part of this group is enlightening me in all areas of my life, personal and professional. Thank you.
Luca Orlando
Mindlab is as if it were a huge "school" that offers a training system, oriented towards continuous growth, indispensable at any age (my side of course 😄). Rich in professionals who make time available and offer us notions, tools and give us values that the school with "its system of subjects" does not dispense ... I am only 4 months away from Mindlab and I cannot describe how much it has enriched me and I wouldn't have enough words of gratitude for all the people who contribute to the value of this group
Marta Ronco

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and director of the magazine “Psicologia Contemporanea”, which since 1974 has published scientific psychology in Italy. In 2012 I founded the youtube channel “Let’s talk about Psychology”, with which I inspire thousands of people on how to live better thanks to psychology.

Together with my colleagues from the Lombardy Order of Psychologists, of which I am Vice President, I created the “House of Psychology” which is based in Piazza Castello in Milan and is an important meeting point for psychology and the layman.
I am an editorial consultant for the Giunti Editore Psychology series and I have written several books.
I have made several video-courses and I am called as a trainer in classrooms of different sizes (from 20 to 1200 participants) both on psychological issues and as a Video-Marketing expert; I have spoken in the most varied contexts: from TEDx to SMAU, from Social Media Week to sector congresses.

Once every two weeks we make a group video coaching call lasting about 1 hour, within a secret group on Facebook. In this appointment, which usually falls on Wednesdays at 9.30 pm, I will do some in-depth analysis on specific issues, or I will answer the questions of the group. You will then be able to have my answers live, or watch them later when you are more comfortable.

During the week you can post ideas, ideas and questions in the Facebook group reserved for members only and benefit from the participation of other members of the Community

The group does not serve to solve problems of clinical relevance: psychotherapeutic tools will not be provided.

For this, problems such as:

  • management of panic attacks;
  • depression;
  • food disorders;
  • seeing the light after suffering severe trauma or in the midst of a period of long unhappiness.

For problems of this kind (and others similar to them) the most appropriate context is that of a one-to-one path with a psychologist.

Of course, it is possible to combine participation in MindLab with an individual path with a professional, but in no way should it be intended as a healing tool.

N.B. I don’t have magic wands to solve situations of suffering and I don’t know recipes that are valid for everyone, if you are looking for them better look elsewhere.

Mostly everyone is pleased to have me in their virtual team 🙂
In general, the group is aimed at those who are curious, those who feel they have the responsibility for their own growth and happiness, those who want to deal with different ideas, those who like to invest time and sacrifice in themselves, those who cannot do unless you learn, get involved, experiment, and set ambitious goals to try to achieve one small step at a time.

Let’s talk about what interests the community, in fact I decide the topics to be treated based on the requests and needs of the group.
In the calls usually issues related to my training, experience and life are deepened: psychology, personal growth, learning good habits, readings and films to grow and reflect, strategies to be more effective, how to adopt the “winning” mentality in the various situations that life places us in front of us.

To get a precise idea of what has already been dealt with, you can take a look at the paragraph above “what you already find inside MidLab”.

Luca Mazzucchelli reserves the right to close the access of participants to the program at any time and for any reason without notice, by communicating it via email (in that case the amount paid for that month will be refunded);

at any time Luca Mazzucchelli may block access to the Club, documents or other shared material at his sole discretion;

Those who subscribe, consider that some of the information transmitted in private groups, documents or newsletters could be confidential and confidential;

How much does MindLab cost?

Participating in MindLAB has a monthly cost of € 47 + VAT.

To date this is the cheapest way to:

  • Access over 200 hours of training conducted by Luca Mazzucchelli and other Mindlab collaborators;
  • Having Luca Mazzucchelli in your virtual team and therefore being able to ask him questions and expose your doubts and listen to his answers;

Registration is NOT binding, in fact you can stop at any time with a simple click.

If you want to subscribe to the annual subscription, instead of monthly, you will get a month for free.

How do i subscribe?

Registration for the group and the subsequent payment of the subscription is allowed only to those who fill out the form below and receive an ok from me (in that case they will receive a link where they can buy the subscription).

Not everyone will receive the link to subscribe because I am forced to make a selection of participants to guarantee the group its functional balance for everyone’s growth.

If it suits you – and only if it suits you – what you have read above fill out the form below (otherwise forget it and we will have other opportunities to collaborate)

They say about Luca Mazzucchelli ...

Luca is the point of reference when it comes to psychology and new ways of communicating it, of spreading it outside the world of professionals. He was the first in Italy to seize the opportunities of digital for his sector and he is undoubtedly the person to keep an eye on if you want to learn psychology, how to improve yourself but also simply how to communicate online !.
Marco Montemagno
Digital entrepreneur, speaker, broadcaster, founder of Supersummit
"Who has never needed emotional support, raise your hand ... those who have not raised it may perhaps need it more. How many clichés are there about the psychologist and psychology? How do we imagine a psychotherapist? Luca Mazzucchelli is beyond the stereotype. of the classic psychologist. Pleasant to listen to, simplifying difficult concepts, I had the pleasure of working with him in a project linked to the well-being and beautiful being of people. Innovator in communicating through all social media in order to make usable a material that certainly helps to live better. "
Pierluigi Vagali
European Head of Product Virgin Active
"I find Luca's practical psychology video program brilliant. The abysmal ignorance of elementary psychology (ordinary people know a lot more about football and fashion) causes not only blunders in behavior, but above all suffering and social drama. "
Giulio Cesare Giacobbe
Psychologist, Author of psychological best sellers