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Our Mission

We help people, companies and businesses to live better and thrive thanks to a concrete, practical and easy to apply psychology to everyday life.

Thanks to the videos, books, events, products and all the other contents we create every day, we want to put psychology at the service of people, helping them to solve their small and big life problems, but also for companies that want to communicate more effectively. their values, products and services.

This is why we are committed to researching and studying all the new theories and practices that help us improve ourselves as individuals and improve personal, family, emotional and work well-being and satisfaction.

The Mazzu-Team

Luca Mazzucchelli

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and director of the magazine “Psicologia Contemporanea”, which since 1974 has published scientific psychology in Italy.
Former Vice President of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy, through my online videos I inspire over 600,000 followers to live better thanks to psychology.

I am a lecturer at the Sant’anna University of Pisa of “e-motivational coaching” and editorial consultant for the Giunti Editore Psychology series.

In 2017 I founded LMC S.r.l., a company that deals with the creation of psychological content for companies in various forms (consultancy, training, speech, video, various collaborations).

In 2019 I become the Mental Coach of the well-known TV show “X Factor”, helping the competitors to bring out their potential and talent.

The Italian Coach Association has nominated me as the best Italian “Psychological Coach” and one of the 10 figures who will most influence training in Italy in the coming years.

My bestselling books “Factor 1% – small habits for big results” and “Age of the heart – how to find the courage to be happy” have become editorial cases in just a few months, helping tens of thousands of people to change every year. their lives for the better.

Patrick Cislaghi

Brand Manager & Client Director

Michela Cinelli

Marketing communication Manager & Assistant Director

Elettra Pezzica

Research & Development Manager

Susanna Morlino

Research & Development Consultant

Marta Ronco

Research & Development Consultant

Valentina Vismara

Junior digital & social media manager