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Psychological Center

To meet the specialists of the psychology center where Luca is Scientific Director, click here:

Events and Training

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Interviews and collaborations

Requests for interviews, collaborations and various information must be submitted through the form below.

How to use the contact form

To contact Luca you can leave a message using the form on the side.

If you are interested in clinical-psychological issues or to have Luca as a guest at your events, you do not have to use this form but follow the instructions explained above.

For any question concerning the magazine Psicologia Contemporanea or the series of books edited by Luca, you must refer to the Giunti Editore group, which you can contact with this form.

Given the large number of requests we receive daily and in order to streamline the response procedure, only requests received through the forms presented on this page will be evaluated, not those sent personally to Luca Mazzucchelli.

Each form sent will be read and carefully considered but, despite Luca’s desire to accept all invitations and reply to all emails, given his numerous professional commitments, it will not be possible to say Yes to everyone. We apologize in advance if your request cannot be accepted.